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To All ACVA Members and Supporters
January 15, 2019

As many, if not all of you, are aware, the USS CHARLES F. ADAMS has been taken off donation trading online hold by the Navy after over 12 years of dedicated efforts by ACVA and JHNSA to make the ship a ship museum in Jacksonville, In spite of many updated submissions to NAVSEA they did not approve the ship donation and it is going to be scrapped. So, our effort to Save the Adams has failed. What a sad end to so much effort! We had a good plan, and we were so close, but in the end, it appears the Navy is just not interested in donating ships, which they fear will become a future financial liability to the Navy. So, what do we do now? Our ACVA Bylaws state that if we fail to obtain Adams as a museum ship, our funds will be used to set up a permanent memorial site dedicated to the Adams Class ships. Therefore, the ACVA Board has voted to dissolve ACVA as a non-profit entity and apply our funds to create an Adams Class Ship Memorial that is being planned with JHNSA online trading app. We will post any additional info concerning the establishment of the Adams Class Memorial when it becomes available.

Signed: Bob Branco (President) & Jim Aldrich (Vice President)

Wouldn't it be nice.

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This is a personal website for the men who served best trading site in nigeria on the USS Charles F. Adams (DDG-2) and their families.

This is NOT a DDG-2 Association website, since DDG-2 does not have an association at this time. Dave Myerly, another former Adams crewman, is attempting to get a DDG-2 Association going, contact him if you are interested in becoming a part of such an association.