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To All ACVA Members and Supporters
January 15, 2019

As many, if not all of you, are aware, the USS CHARLES F. ADAMS has been taken off donation hold by the Navy after over 12 years of dedicated efforts by ACVA and JHNSA to make the ship a ship museum in Jacksonville, In spite of many updated submissions to NAVSEA they did not approve the ship donation and it is going to be scrapped. So, our effort to Save the Adams has failed. What a sad end to so much effort! We had a good plan, and we were so close, but in the end, it appears the Navy is just not interested in donating ships, which they fear will become a future financial liability to the Navy. So, what do we do now? Our ACVA Bylaws state that if we fail to obtain Adams as a museum ship, our funds will be used to set up a permanent memorial site dedicated to the Adams Class ships. Therefore, the ACVA Board has voted to dissolve ACVA as a non-profit entity and apply our funds to create an Adams Class Ship Memorial that is being planned with JHNSA. We will post any additional info concerning the establishment of the Adams Class Memorial when it becomes available.

Signed: Bob Branco (President) & Jim Aldrich (Vice President)

As of this morning, (12/22/18), this has been confirmed by Dan Bean of the JHNSA.

Unfortunately, the United States Navy has reversed course and determined the ex USS Charles F. Adams DDG-2 will not be donated to the Jacksonville Historic Naval Ship Association (JHNSA) as a museum in Jacksonville, but instead will be scrapped. This decision is counter to the Navys recommendation in 2014 that the ex USS Charles F Adams DDG-2 be released to the JHNSA for donation. We wish to thank Congressman Rutherford, Senators Rubio and Nelson, Governor Scott, and all the City officials for their efforts with the Secretary of the Navy to have the ex USS Charles F Adams brought to Jacksonville. Although disappointed by this development, the JHNSA will continue to pursue bringing a Navy warship to downtown Jacksonville.

DDG-2/DD-19 Reunion Updated 9/6/2018

If you desire info contact Richard "Dick" Harmon - his email is shown below.

This email is from Dick Harmon, the reunion coordinator for combined reunions for the DDG-19 & DDG-2 crew mates. He has personally been putting these reunions together for many years, mostly for DDG-19 crews but also inviting the DDG-2 crews to participate. He is saying this is the last time he will include the DDG-2 crew mates for these reunions. He takes on quite a task and it is a lot of personal effort and work and thank him for the many years he has continued to invite the DDG-2 crew and make these combined reunions. Since DDG-2 and DDG-19 operated together over many years and in many combined operations and events, many of the crew members became friends and acquaintances. Some DDG-2 crew went on to be assigned to the DDG-19 for later service time.

I am aware our DDG-2 crew mates have not really taken advantage and participated heavily in these combined reunions. Also, it has been many years since the DDG-2 has had anyone who would come forward to volunteer and put together and run or manage a DDG-2 Crew Reunion. I have tried unsuccessfully to identify a person, persons or group willing to do so and had several initially interested but were not willing to pick up and run with this by themselves. I do not have the resources to handle such an undertaking but would be willing to assist anyone willing to take on this as a project. I am also hopeful that when the USS Charles F. Adams finally arrives in Jacksonville, and I think it is only a matter of time, JHNSA will have enough local people with the necessary interest to undertake putting together a reunion. ACVA has always supported the idea that the FIRST ADAMS CLASS DDG Reunion will include ALL Adams Class DDG ship groups from DDG-1 to DDG-24 and the Australian, German and Greek Adams Class DDG ships. Several years ago we had a very large group of Aussie DDG crew mates ready to book flights to become part of such an event in Jacksonville with some German and Greek crew mates interested as well. As the ALL DDG REUNION idea became more widely shared with many ACVA Members, some who did not serve on Adams Class DDGs, many other DDG mates expressed interest in attending such a momentous future reunion.

Dave Myerly
ACVA Executive & Membership Secretary
Plankowner DDG-2 - RD2 1960-62

From: Dick Harmon =
Sent: 9/5/18 PM Eastern Standard Time
Subject: Reunion 2018 DDG-2 & DDG19

This will be the last reunion I will do for the USS Charles F Adams DDG-2. I have sent out information about staying at the hotel during the reunion over six months ago. I can see they don't read there emails and the attachment I have with the email. This includes when the ship comes to Jacksonville.

You need to get your people and have them read this email. Some of your people cost the reunion to pay another $1,000 because they stay some where else rather then the host hotel. It could have been up to $4,000

Dick Harmon


Attached is the itinerary for the upcoming reunion in March 2019 in Jacksonville, FL. Including the Double Tree Hotel Reservation Form. Please note ALL DDG-2 sailors ARE INVITED TO PARTICIPATE AND MAKE THIS A SUCCESSFUL COMBINED REUNION.

If you are considering attending you need to make a reservation now, otherwise the hotel will book up well before our reunion. Also if you need a special needs room or want a choice of rooms, now is the time to make a reservation. I am enclosing a list of people who have made reservations so far.

I will send out a reunion registration form Wed. Aug. 1, 2019. If you want one, please contact me via email asap. Hope to see you at the reunion

Dick Harmon
Reunion Chairman DDG-19

Update - January 29, 2018

No, I haven't put anything new up here for quite a while. We are at a point where all we can do is wait on news from Jacksonville. Please be patient.

NEWS from the JHNSA Newsletter

Update - October 12, 2017

Recently, the Jacksonville Historic Naval Ship Association (JHNSA) was able to secure the remaining funds needed to bring the USS Charles F. Adams to Jacksonville as a naval warship museum!

We are extremely excited to make this announcement as this has been long in the works. We have had so many friends and companies and their staff who have been indispensable to our efforts with funds and in-kind work, without which we would not be where we are today. So, thank you all for your support!

The funds raised thus far will cover dry docking and preservation for tow, towing to Jacksonville, work on the pier and improving the grounds of the site.

We will also be relocating our Visitor's Center and store items located within the Jacksonville Landing to a building on site. We will update you on the date of this transition in the near future.

With funds in place, we are now wrapping up the paperwork and are working with Rhoads Industries to coordinate a date for dry docking. In the meantime, work has begun on Pier 1 east at the former Jacksonville Shipyards (adjacent to the Berkman Marina).

This is a tremendous step in the project. Please keep in mind, the Association will still need many volunteers, additional resources, and funds to restore the ship and make her museum ready. If you have not signed up to volunteer and wish to do so, please email or sign up through our website.

This is certainly an exciting time for the Association, the City of Jacksonville, and all those who have supported this worthwhile project over the years. The Adams Class of warships were the US Navy's first keel up guided missile destroyers and they made a difference in our Navy and our nation. We are proud to bring the Charlie Deuce back to Jacksonville where she can continue to make a difference right in our community.

Join JHNSA in building the USS Charles F. Adams (DDG-2) into a world-class naval warship museum. Please continue to donate, volunteer, and support fundraisers for this effort. We would not be where we are today without you.

We look forward to updating you in next month's newsletter.

Update - August 21, 2017

Recently received photos of the Adams in Philly. Click on the thumbnail for a full size version.

Thank you, Randall Hartley

Update - August 17, 2017

I just received the following message from Dan Bean, President of the JHNSA:
"We are nearing completion of the final financial step necessary to have the ADAMS released to the JHNSA. We can also add that all permits have been issued for our pier work and we are now finalizing the permit paperwork for our uplands work and executing the EPA agreement. We remain optimistic for a Fall delivery to Jacksonville."

"SAVE THE ADAMS" project update - January 7, 2017

The following statement was sent out to over 100 JHNSA members, so I think it's safe to post it here.

Our next board meeting is 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, January 11, 2017 at H&K. We received word that the Army Corps of Engineers will issue us our permit for the pier work and we received more good financial news. We will update you at the meeting. March 7 (dry dock) is less than 60 days away and we have more work to do to be ready. dkb

Daniel Bean | Holland & Knight


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