Terrence Manganello
July 11, 1947 - July 29, 1968

On July 29, 1968, tragedy struck the USS Charles F. Adams. While in port in Naples, Italy, Adams crew members were performing a routine procedure known as a "bottom blow". During the process a 1,200 lb. P.S.I. steam line ruptured and BT3 Terrence Manganello was killed instantly. The following was supplied by his sister, Joan:

Terrence Joseph Manganello was born in Elkins, W. VA July 11, 1947. His family settled in Rochester, New York. While living in Rochester, Terry attended and graduated from St. Francis Xavier elementary school. He graduated from McQuaid Jesuit High School in 1964. After graduation from high school, Terry enrolled in Monroe Community College as a business major.

During his second semester at Monroe Community College, Terry enlisted in the Navy. His father was quoted as saying, "He (Terry) felt it was his duty to serve."

Terry had one and one half years left to serve in the Navy when the tragedy struck on the USS Charles F. Adams while in port in Naples, Italy on July 29, 1968.

At that time Terry was survived his parents (John J. Manganello, and T. Laverne Ives) and three sisters, Jane (Weerasinghe), Joan, and Betty Ann Manganello. Terry is buried in Rochester, NY.

His father (who died January 26, 2001) and sisters continue to hold Terry very close to their heart and reminisce about him often. His sisters remember his sense of humor, warmth, and passion for life. "He is still sadly missed."

From a shipmate, Jack Elzner CWO4 USN Retired: ""Slippery" was my striker, I owe it to him that he not be forgotten, he was a good kid."

The tragedy that struck on July 29 continues to have an affect on the lives of his sisters and the former Adams crew members who knew him.

"Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay a while and leave footprints on our hearts. . . and we are never, ever the same." (Author unknown)